Our Vision is " Changing people's lives through training". We offer soft skills trainings, leadership workshops and experiential learning through retreats and team buildings.


Our Training Strategy


It is very important for us to make sure that our training address our clients' needs. We listen to our clients' training needs and tailor accordingly the training that is worth investing. This can be tackled either through interactive classroom trainings or team building learning activities.

Our Trainers

Gobeyond has the top notch trainers. They have have over a decade of experience delivering trainings to reputable companies and univerisities. All of these trainers are high qualified (Phd, Masters, Certified..etc). Some are motivational guest speakers on radio and TV. Others are international trainers who have rich background in working in different countries. In brief, we have the right trainer for every training.

Our Recent Clients


Unilever Egypt



PoS Rocket

Om Habibeh Foundation

MCV (Merecdes Commercial Vechicles)

SQS (Software Quality Systems)

Caritas Egypt

Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University

57357 Cancer Hospital

AUC (The American University in Cairo)

Plan International Egypt

What Clients Say About Us

Professional Company & the event would not have been successful without Gobeyond " Unilever Marketing Director"

Powerful trainer " AUC",

loved working with Gobeyond (MCV),

Gained new learnings and life concepts" 57357 Hospital",

Best training ever" Caritas Egypt",

Amazing retreat" Caritas youth",

" Gobeyond was part of our team & understood our needs"




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